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When children’s legs are dangling, strong pressure under their knees and calves, as a result of disordered

blood and lymph circulation, is causing discomfort, numbness, pins and needles sensation

and also weights the knee joints. The footrest maintaining the correct position of the hips and

back in the car seat, correct seatbelt routing and avoiding kicking the seat in front of them.

Child’s dangling legs cause not only discomfort but also lead to adverse effects, which may be

dangerous when traveling by car. Lack of footrest will lead to disordered blood and lymph circulation

resulting in numbness and pain in the legs. Kicking into the back of the seat in front is the

symptom that child feels discomfort and looks for opportunities to improve it. It is very important for

the child’s safety to use the child car seat correctly. If the child does not sit in the correct position,

even a slight collision or emergency braking may have serious consequences. The child’s limbs

may suffer multiple injuries. Car seat will protect child effectively only if it maintains a correct sitting

position in a car, like a crash test dummy.

Car seat footrest also helps avoid frequent, forced stops due to child’s discomfort both during long

trips and short ones. The footrest is parents’ investment in the safety, health and comfort of children

traveling in a forward-facing car seats. It is easy to assemble and adjust to individual needs of

a little passenger. It is suitable for children up to 10 years old.

KneeGuardKids footrest can be firmly and easily attached in both vehicles with and without the

ISOFIX system. The footrest maintaining the correct position of the hips and back in the car seat,

correct seatbelt routing, avoiding, kicking the seat in front of them, resting their feet against the driver’s

or passenger’s seat, escaping or even submarining under the seat belt. KneeGuardKids has

received positive feedback both from parents and experts in Poland, Germany, Spain, UK and


STOP dangling legs in the car.

More comfort and safety while driving with supported legs.

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